Tail Lifts


The Anteo Cantilever Tail Lift is very light strong and compact lift, with very high performances. Platform Powered opening that gives high speed of platform opening even with very low temperatures.The smooth hydraulic automatic tilt and high stiffness are ideal to equip vehicles for customers that like high performances. This Cantilever Tail Lift suits most commercial vehicles and light trucks up to 7.5T GVW.



The retractable tail-lift is the ideal tail lift for distribution vehicles due to its versatility, large platforms and ease of use. The tail-lift is stowed away under the vehicle making it ideal for dock loading.



The Anteo Tuckaway folding tail-lifts are the ideal tail-lifts for distribution, vehicle rental companies, vehicles where the maximum variable use is needed and/or vehicles for docking work. Anteo Tuckaway Tail Lift is very light and compact. Therefore, it is suitable for smaller vehicles from 3.5 to 7 tons.


Column Lift

The Anteo Column Tail Lift is a tail-lift specially designed for 3,5 ton vehicles. It is light but sturdy with columns (pillars) and platform designed and made entirely of aluminium.
NB. In order to further reduce the weight of the F3 CO 05, the compartment where the hydraulic control unit is situated, is entirely made of aluminium.