When your business relies on your tail-lift – rely on Anteo

Servicing 24/7 NEW ZEALAND-Wide

All businesses today are judged to some extent on their ability and reliability to deliver, whether it be a product or service. At Anteo, we are judged not only on the product we deliver, but the servicing that the product comes with. That’s why Anteo works with its partners to offer 24/7 road side assistance. So no matter what time of day or level of emergency, a servicing technician will get to you and get you moving fast to ensure that your ability to deliver, is not compromised.

We cover your business wherever you go

The Anteo brand has been in the international market for many years and still continues to grow today on a domestic and foreign scale. Worldwide partnerships means customer support, servicing, spare parts service, and distribution among five continents is all aided by the contribution of professional, well-organised dealers who are assisted by a technical-sales support aimed at giving your business maximum support.

Design For Satisfaction

Capacity to devise simple but functional designs, and the care over component details have been one of the many reasons why Anteo keeps a high customer satisfaction rating. The use of electrical parts without electronic components, which are much less sensitive to faults and are easy to maintain takes the hassle of worrying out the equations for all our customers.