Founded in 1969, Anteo now produce the widest range of advanced loading tail-lifts available worldwide thanks to the experience developed over many years in the design and production of hydraulic components for the major European machinery manufacturers.

In 1989 Anteo started tail-lift production and rapidly achieved outstanding national and international recognition, soon becoming world leaders in the design and production of tail lifts.

Supplying World Class Products to World Class Companies

Technology Pushing Expansion


The industrial spirit of a leading-edge company, which is always on the move and in search of new manufacturing technologies. All the tail-lifts’ main structures and most of the components are manufactured in the 3 Anteo factories that offer customers a rapid and very flexible service. The personnel are highly qualified and constantly receive training to update their skills. They use automatic robotized FMS machines so that a consistently high level of product quality can be maintained.


The factors that contributed and contribute still today to the expansion of Anteo’s product image around the world are:  a wide range; solutions that anticipate the costumer needs; a high safety level; reliability over time; high quality components; checks and tests on the finished products.Our quality are second to none and with increased demand for our products, our growth will continue for some time to come.